Exploratory Services

Our expertise in radiochemistry, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and in vivo studies in a wide range of species makes us a unique partner to support your early preclinical studies with both small molecules and biologicals.

Our flexible approach means rapid turnaround, highly customised studies, together with a variety of analytical and reporting options.

In vivo pharmacokinetics - we are recognised as an industry leader in the provision of pharmacokinetic studies supporting lead optimisation and candidate selection programmes. Our expert team can help you at every stage, from planning to implementation, logistical support to data analysis and reporting.

We can fully support studies using a wide range of dosing options according to your requirements. Bioanalytical support using LC-MS/MS can be provided, giving quick, reliable results to help you make the right decisions  

Candidate selection - we can support blood-brain barrier penetration studies, hepatic portal vein canulation, tissue distribution studies, metabolite analysis, in vitro screening and toxicity studies. We also have the experience, technology and flexibility to develop bespoke studies to meet your needs including bioequivalence and device testing

Biologicals – Our Innovative RadioTag service provides cost effective options for the early development of biologicals allowing rapid assessment of the pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and targetting to sites of action without the burden of developing expensive immunoassay or LC-MS techniques.

LC-MS - Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

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